Yes God!

Look at this superb piece of art. A truly spiritual scribble, "Son of God". Or it would have been, had the author known their Hebrew letters.

As it goes, a tiny bit or the first letter was omitted, turning the BET into a KAF and consequently the word "Son" into "Yes". "Yes God", a true devotee.

Very sad, but not the end of story. The word God is also messed up. The vowel formation under the ALEF (4 dots, like a gaming cube) does not exist in the Hebrew language. The author of this tattoo apparently invented a new Hebrew vowel, how is that for true divine inspiration?

War No More...

Check this out. This guy actually did his research, he even has it nicely printed in a book... and he still got it wrong!

This is a message of peace: "Nation shall not take up sword against nation; nor ever again shall they train for war. " Now if you look for the word "war" in the tattoo (bottom left corner), you can see that the last letter is missing a piece, effectively turning the letter HEY into a RESH so that the word MILCHAMA (war) now reads as MILCHAMAR (no meaning). This sure is an interesting way to end war....

Strength of Concept? Not so Much.

This is an oddball. Why would I say that? Well, most of the "Bad Hebrew" tattoos on the web are not much to look at. Here on the other hand, you can see a beautiful phoenix. Too bad this otherwise great tattoo has some meaningless text attached.

The text itself - in it's current condition it is absolutely meaningless, but read backwards, it says "Strength of Concept", "Strength of Clue" or maybe even "Gained Strength". I can't truly guess what this girl actually meant it to say.

Remember, Hebrew is read from right to left. Direction isn't optional.

None Stop Grandma

I'm always sad to see tattoos that are meant to be special and meaningful and end up all messed up, like today's feature.

The guy means to say "Grandmother forever in my heart", but what he got inked says, "My heart inside none stop grandma". Each word is correct by itself, but they just don't go together quite like this.

Lesson for all you kids, don't run a sentence through babelfish and tattoo it on your skin. Disaster guaranteed.

God of the Sea

This tattoo has troublesome spacing. The creator probably didn't realize that the nikud (vowels) do not usually receive spaces of their own.

The verse is supposed to read, "Be still and know that I am God". At first glance, however, it distinctly reads "Be still and know that I am the god of sea". That happens because the word ELOHIM (God), when separated in two parts by a space, will read EL HA-YAM (god of the sea). Cute, really.

Say What?

Jesus the Messiah
A prime example of Hebrew tattoo gone terribly wrong. It's supposed to say something along the lines of "Jesus the Messiah", but it does no such thing. It is just meaningless gibberish.

If you're all set on "Jesus the Messiah", how about a nice manly pendant instead?

Pewter Hebrew "Jesus the Messiah" Pendant by Bob Siemon, 20

Your Name is What? Shmuel (Samuel)

This one says "Shmuel", which is Hebrew for Samuel. So far so good. However, the creator must have forgotten that Hebrew is written right to left, and so this tattoo reads from bottom to top, which, you must agree, is not the natural order of things.