Strength of Concept? Not so Much.

This is an oddball. Why would I say that? Well, most of the "Bad Hebrew" tattoos on the web are not much to look at. Here on the other hand, you can see a beautiful phoenix. Too bad this otherwise great tattoo has some meaningless text attached.

The text itself - in it's current condition it is absolutely meaningless, but read backwards, it says "Strength of Concept", "Strength of Clue" or maybe even "Gained Strength". I can't truly guess what this girl actually meant it to say.

Remember, Hebrew is read from right to left. Direction isn't optional.


  1. קזוח is a the scientific Hebrew name of the plant genus Pituranthos. i'm quite sure that not what she wanted but at least at has a meaning for Israel botanists:-)

  2. lol
    ONLY to Israel botanists.
    I'm Israely, never heard of קזוח
    Just gotta love all these fail tattoos..


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