None Stop Grandma

I'm always sad to see tattoos that are meant to be special and meaningful and end up all messed up, like today's feature.

The guy means to say "Grandmother forever in my heart", but what he got inked says, "My heart inside none stop grandma". Each word is correct by itself, but they just don't go together quite like this.

Lesson for all you kids, don't run a sentence through babelfish and tattoo it on your skin. Disaster guaranteed.

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  1. I read it as "My heart is inside (or innermost, or within, or something like that) without a grandma-pause".

    Isn't it obvious? Hefseq-savta is in the semikhut; it's not just any pause - it's a grandma-pause!

    Grandma-pauses are the most common cause of heart attacks among Jews, after shnitzel and kugel.


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