God of the Sea

This tattoo has troublesome spacing. The creator probably didn't realize that the nikud (vowels) do not usually receive spaces of their own.

The verse is supposed to read, "Be still and know that I am God". At first glance, however, it distinctly reads "Be still and know that I am the god of sea". That happens because the word ELOHIM (God), when separated in two parts by a space, will read EL HA-YAM (god of the sea). Cute, really.


  1. Actually, the problem with this one is a bit more insidious: the "artist" has given each cholam chaser its own space. You can see this is the case in the word "anochi", and if you squint, you can barely make out the cholam chaser after the lamed.
    So all that would be required to make this tat correct would be the addition of a vav in each extra space, making each cholam maleh (full).

  2. its actually fine, its ktiv haser. and this one of the ways to spell elohim...


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