Yes God!

Look at this superb piece of art. A truly spiritual scribble, "Son of God". Or it would have been, had the author known their Hebrew letters.

As it goes, a tiny bit or the first letter was omitted, turning the BET into a KAF and consequently the word "Son" into "Yes". "Yes God", a true devotee.

Very sad, but not the end of story. The word God is also messed up. The vowel formation under the ALEF (4 dots, like a gaming cube) does not exist in the Hebrew language. The author of this tattoo apparently invented a new Hebrew vowel, how is that for true divine inspiration?


  1. Hardly an invented vowel - just a mangled form of the original one, hataf-segol (אֱ). Still funny, sure, but not WTF-funny, just facepalm-funny.

  2. is this how you spell remember in hebrew? לזכור

  3. Actually, your word says "to remember", but yes it is correct.

  4. Lucky for this guy, this tattoo can be easily fixed with just a simple line adding and a stress (dagesh) inside the "Bet".


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