Say Hi!

There are many Hebrew tattoos that simply say "Hi".

No, this isn't done on purpose, what the poor idiots wanted was the word "Chai", meaning life, or alive. It's a very common thing to put on a tattoo, and a VERY common thing for a tatooist to misspell:

Oh well, at least this one is pretty:

Now the next image is how a "Chai" is actually supposed to look. See how the "Chet", the letter on the right is all connected? When you leave a gap, you get a completely different letter "He".

Of course, if those girls just went for a piece of Chai Jewelry instead of a tattoo, mistakes and permanency would not have been an issue.

Sterling Silver CHAI Hebrew Letter Pendant, 18"


  1. Hi,

    First time I read your blog. Great work, I think it has the most comprehensive selection of bad Hebrew tattoos online.

    It reminds me why I love translating and designing Hebrew tattoos (I have a professional service - - doing this means less people going around with a meaningless stupid letter combination on their body forever...

    Looking forward to your next posts!

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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