The Deathly Hate of Love

Misspelling your Hebrew tattoo can lead to funny results, as we've seen before with semolina boys, the egg girl and several others. This tattoo is no exception:

Today's victim was going for a poetic message: "Loyalty before love" tattooed in Hebrew. But something went wrong with the translation of the word loyalty; It didn't come out quite right... and so the message turned into a completely readable "I'll die before love".

Oh well, at least this one didn't seem to hold love in high regard anyway...

If "Loyalty before love" is your thing, this is how it's correctly translates into the Hebrew language:


  1. Interesting - this particular mistake can also be translated as "I will die in front of love".

  2. Shouldn't it be
    נאמנות קודמת לאהבה?

  3. Can we give the benefit of doubt- it's "Cubics (Biblical, Rabbinic) before love"

  4. Mothers before love :P
    (which still has a mistake.. but eh)

  5. It means: "FOREVER ALONE"

  6. it means "Female slaves before love" hhh

  7. אמות לפני אהבה
    It's mean I'll die before the love


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