Chronology of Tattoo Disaster

Today's victim owns a very special piece of jewelry. It's a necklace, and it features her name written in Hebrew. The victim probably likes it a lot, as she decided to base her permanent tattoo on the little trinket:

What is the girl's name, anyway? Honestly, I don't know.

Unless She is actually named "Dabima", as her necklace suggests, it would be safe to assume that the necklace is misspelled. If I had to guess, I'd say "Rebecca", though a terribly misspelled one.

Now look at the tattoo., see how much worse than the necklace it turned out. Every single letter is misshapen somehow. Several even morphed into entirely different letters.

Using your jewelry as a template for a Hebrew tattoo - bad idea. Using misspelled jewelry - even worse! Don't do it kids, it's just not worth the grief!


  1. hey, my mom's named Dabimah. It's mean, to our peoples, "She who bought her first-born a BMW and he totaled it the first week." We made the bracelet out of the fender they found. Shabbat shalom

  2. i thought Judaism frowns upon tattoos?

  3. Judaism does frown upun tattoos, but these tatoos could be God's punishment for tattooing.

  4. Maybe it's supposed to be a transliteration of "dreamah" (dreamer), with an underline under the resh for some reason.

  5. I have such a tattoo like this ללא חרטה), is it right or we need to fix it? Thanks a lot!!!!

  6. you shouldn't use the ) symbol. just:
    ללא חרטה


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