Shabbat Special: The Good, The Bad and The Automatic

In the Good Tattoo corner today, we have this powerful looking, tribal, Hebrew Chai (life) tattoo. I like how integrated and fitting the Chai looks in this design. Two thumbs up!

And in the corner of the weird, we have this:

The tattoo correctly says "Shame" and "Disgrace" in Hebrew. This girl obviously thinks very highly of herself.

And this, this is why you shouldn't put your faith in automatic translations with something as permanent as your tattoo:

This advert for offers help in several languages. The Hebrew, of course, is spelled backwards. Do you really want this kind of help?

Have a Hebrew tattoo that fits the bill for Shabbat Special? Send it in to: to be featured here next week!


  1. I always relish agreeing with hard-working web-site creators on matters of taste and style, and the upper tattoo is indeed artfully done. And then: as usual, I alone somehow 'know' what the lower girl really wanted: 'The Return of the Flower' (spelled in reverse, of course: ha'Shuv Ha'pe'r'ach) She must've clicked on 'dictionary-dot-con-artist by mistake. It's the only logical explanation; I mean, we've got hospital beds in Israel for women who write 'busha v'harpah' on their arms, right?

  2. Not sure what the context is of the girl's tatoos are but I'd be inclined to wonder if there's some sort of BDSM connotation especially since the arm bracelets could be connected to that sort of thing.


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