Dream of Changing Lands

Sometimes Hebrew tattoos can be very weird. When your Hebrew tattoo is designed by a Korean tattoo artist, those chances soar sky high.

This lovely piece says, when you read it backwards and ignore final-form letters in mid word: The truth and lands of change on I'll dream. Bad bad bad!

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this was actually supposed to mean...

This particular Korean artist has been featured here twice before. The first time, he defined Music. Another time, he wrote a love letter. Yes, this guy is still at large, buyers beware!


  1. If you also put the words in reverse order, it becomes more clear what the guy wanted:

    I'll dream of the change and lands of the truth.

  2. I really think you should send that artist here (if you don't want to send us to him..)

  3. Are we allowed to botch Hangul in revenge?

  4. Maybe its "I dream of truth and change in the land"?


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