A Reversed Tattoo Is Forever Too

Not every bad Hebrew tattoo is a big unsolved mystery, some are pretty straightforward. Today's victim, for example, simply wanted a "Forever" tattoo:

Good news - This permanent Hebrew tattoo will stay with her forever.

Bad news - The tattoo doesn't quite say "Forever" (LaNetsakh) as intended. In fact, it is written backwards, and the result is a nonsense word, a word that looks like "eggplant" (Khatsil) more than anything.

For today's lesson we'll learn to write "Forever" correctly in Hebrew. This is how it's done:

When composing a Hebrew tattoo, it's important to remember that the Hebrew language is written right-to-left, unlike English. Also, don't trust your text editor to write it out properly, as they often don't.

Particularly, and this is the important bit: Don't trust Photoshop with your Hebrew tattoo.

Photoshop is a great program, but unless you have the Middle East (ME) version, it will reverse Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi letters, giving you a backward tattoo. It will even reverse text when you do copy-paste!


  1. Her ex, 'Hatz-a-nel' (who she now probably wishes would get run over by a truck already, has one on *his* wrist, also forever: says 'Gretz-a-nel'. Hey, they were young and in love, enthralled by the Hansel & Gretel fairy-tale./ Seriously, Ms-Notepad also reverses the letter-order, as do some web-sites on a non-Heb-enabled browser. Too bad Hebrew has so few L-R symmetrical letters; none, actually. An interesting 'find'. Your gentle humor should be sonme consolation to this victim.

  2. Notepad actually displays hebrew well and so does Word and most web browsers. But the direction can get broken on copy-paste (encoding issues)

  3. this site is hillarious! I will check & double check now when I am ready to get my Hebrew tat! =) I hope I never end up here =)

  4. I have never laughed so much........ eggplant is a seriously difficult thing to love!


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