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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Guy Who REALLY Hated Furniture

Today's victim's Hebrew tattoo may appear a random jumble of letters from the first glance, but it can gain several meanings if you just carefully apply spacing...

For example, spaced this way, it says "And [he] hated a stool". Did he hate that stool enough to tattoo it on his wrist?

Of course, the tattoo might actually refer to the guy's girlfriend, a chatty girl apparently, if she is the explanation behind a Hebrew tattoo that says "And [she] hated silence".

Have any idea what this victim originally meant? Tell me!


  1. looks a bit like "hated jews" to me if add a yod and its not full writing.

  2. If read left to right, possibly the name Manda.. something? I'm going based on the fact the second to last letter looks more like a misplaced nun sofit than a vav, since the vav looks like it's a different shape. And if that's the case, not too much of a stretch to say they accidentally used a ם instead of a מ.

  3. Well, 12 points, typo, for finding this well-stirred alphabet-soup. Your two guesses are the most coherent options. Overall it reminds me of Weird Al's subtitle in the parody-video of Nirvanna's "School Spirit". "Untranscribable Utterance".. something like that.
    My take: (left to right): "Mem and Dalet? Ha, they got married!
    No hint on this one what the victim claims it means, huh?

  4. Nope, not a clue. This is another unsolved mystery case in the Bad Hebrew Tattoo files. Maybe I should add a tag for mystery.

  5. VASHNA HADNAM replies: Nice try, folks. But so y'all shouldn't suffer from the suspense: my Mom got this put on my wrist when I was little.. in case we ever, like, got separated at the mall. As I grew older the letters kinda 'moved'. And what a fitting coincidence: I do hate furniture, so does my wife. Oy, don't ask her; she just never shuts up about it! Nice site here; glad to be a part of it./ Vasni

  6. Really? I can sort of see how this could happen...

  7. My money is on "men of the South" = anshei hadarom: starting in the middle and reading rightward, and starting again in the middle and reading leftward. Dunno what happened to the middle of "hadarom", though. Or maybe it's a secret: starting left to right with "sod", and then getting secretive. Or a brand of soda ...

  8. You're taking the word דום too literally. In that context the word can be refferd as in a meaning of somthing to stop, to die out.
    I'm almost sure that what he meant was
    "ושינאה דום" as "and hatred will stand still".
    He just forgot the nikud HIRIK bellow ש but it still acceptable.
    What do you think?


  9. Maybe he hates dossim :P Final M and S kinda look alike.

  10. if you read it from left to right, it seems a bit like "MODE ANI", a name of a morning prayer saying "I'm thankful".
    The 2 letters at the end are unnecessary, though.

  11. Can't it be "VeSin'a Dom" - as in: silence be to hatred?

  12. It actually might be VeSin'a Dom - Hatred stop/be still/be silent
    very introspective in my opinion, good for him, trying to suppress those inner demons...


  13. Nope, it doesn't work.

  14. Hello everybody. I'd like you to help me. How would you translate this phrase into Hebrew? "Enjoy the silence".

    Thanks for your help.

  15. תהנה מהדממה = ENJOY THE SILENCE

  16. Perhaps it is supposed to be resh and samekh rather that dalet and mem sofit - something along the lines of "hatred and destruction" or "hatred destroys"?


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