The Ten Commandments - Gibberish Edition

The Ten Commandments make for such a great tattoo, they show your faith in God in a most illustrative manner. Everyone knows what those two slabs of stone say, and tattooing them in Hebrew adds that special touch of authenticity...

Unless what's written on them is total nonsense.

On this tattoo you can see a bunch of random Hebrew letters - artfully arranged. So lame.

Wouldn't it be better to just write out the commandments in English, rather than make yourself a laughing stock?


  1. I have seen some unbelievable Hebrew Tattoos done sssssooooooo wrong, but this one is amazing. It really does seem to be random Hebrew letters. It would have been so easy just to copy some pictures of what other people have done, rather than making up random letters.

  2. Oh yeah, it's a special one. Not only random, badly done too. Some of these letters hardly even look like Hebrew.

  3. Are you sure this is Moses? It looks like Poseidon or someone from Greek Mythology.
    POSEIDON! The god of the sea!!!


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