Hebrew Inked Celebs: Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd, an English model, participant of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 and professional "celebrity for hire", got herself a very unfortunate Hebrew tattoo back in 2008.

It's the one right below her neck. Let's see a closeup:

Lloyd's tattoo is supposed to say "Only God can judge me, only God can judge me".

I guess her choice of Hebrew tattoo makes sense, as the name Danielle literally means "God is my judge" in Hebrew. Also, she's being judged by the public all the time.

This tattoo, however, ended up a wreck. Instead of a translation, it's a transliteration, and very badly done too. Using Hebrew letters, it says something along the lines of: "only god ken g'odg m, only god khen g'odg m". Never do a transliteration tattoo, it's the worst idea ever!.

Now, if you wanted a proper Hebrew tattoo saying "Only God can judge me", this is how you do it:

There are actually many different ways to write that sentence correctly, as it's a long and complex one. Judging God is a popular theme in Hebrew tattoos, and there are quite a few correct ones walking around, you can Google to find them!


  1. A beeter tatto with the same meaning would be:
    "רק אלהים ישפטני"
    or even more poetry:
    "אלהים לבדו ישפטני"

  2. or maybe because it refers to her name-a better caption would have been ה' דייני לבדו which is phonetically "ADONIE DYANI LEVADO"-my lord is my sole judge which is a play on the d,a,n,l which are in the name and is exact in intended meaning

  3. I'd have advised her to tatoo this (using the Hebrew alphabet but maybe retaining the non-standard hyphen:


    The "only" part can be left to the English paraphrase of her name.

  4. o'dear! thats bad, i reali want a tattoo sayin only god shall judge in hebrew can sum1 help me out and email me at sexi1002@hotmail.com


  5. look at this design, it more accurate to (only god can judge me)


  6. איים סו סילי אנד סטופיד, איים רילי סטופיד!! לול

  7. רק אלוהים ישפוט אותי = Only God Will Judge Me

  8. I really want to learn Hebrew, but for now, how would I simply write "God is my judge"? 8-)

  9. Randal, the meaning for "God is my judge" in hebrew is
    אלוהים הוא השופט שלי
    but I'd rather write "God will judge me"
    אלוהים ישפוט אותי


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