Your Name is What? Patrick

Today's victim thinks he has the name "Patrick" tattooed in Hebrew on his arm. He is quite wrong.

This Hebrew tattoo says "Nadav", which is a common enough biblical guy name.

The name Nadav means Generous, Noble.
The name Patrick means Patrician, Nobleman.

But you can see the overlap, you say?

That apparent overlap is false, because the noble in "Nadav" is that of "noble deeds" rather than "an aristocrat" as in "Patrick".

This transformation of Patrick into Nadav is so loose, it can be barely traced. So you see, this guy is walking around with someone else's name permanently etched into his arm.

This is how you write "Patrick" in Hebrew, not translated, but as is:


  1. oh, good one! at least he didn't go with "naval" for "nobleman..."


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