The Hapless Warrior Girl

What do they say? Those who can, do; those who can't, tattoo it on their skin?

This surely appears to be the case, as shown by today's Hebrew tattoo. It was supposed to designate its bearer as a "Warrior", but in actuality it is one big fail.

The tattoo says "Saach", which in Hebrew doesn't mean anything. There is no such word.

For the sake of all future Xena wannabees, I enclose here the correct translation of "Warrior" in Hebrew.

"Warrior" is a gender specific word in Hebrew. The male form reads "Lochem", while the female is "Lochemet". Make sure you've got the right one!


  1. I'll just comment on this one, to choose a random 'sucky' tattoo. (Also appropriate since I came back 5 min ago from taking my 18 to liskhat ha'gi'us. His last act as a 'free' young pup was to send me a 'must-read' link to your site. I greatly admire your style here: thorough, knowingly, slyly-and creatively humorous, and still respectful of the 'victims', sh'te'he'yu bre'im, ha.My own postings often concern an alternate meaning of the phrase 'bad hebrew', i.e. attempts here to replicate foreign words and phrases in hebrew, on signs and in conversation. Manglish is today's esparanto, it would seem. We *do* however, generally abstain from using our temple-of-god epidermis as scratch paper. Your site is a treasure for which I've just created a quick desk-top icon. Expect my input, often and vigorous. Yonatan/Qadima, IS (QADIMA? I'd love to tattoo that on some Ma'atz worker's butt.)

  2. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked the site! Good luck to your kid in our brave army :)

  3. Whell, Saach maby dosnt mean anything, but Sacchi is a slang word for "drug-free", maby she meant that! :)
    I really like your site by the way, its so funny!

  4. hi.... i am planning on getting a tattoo that says 'faith warrior' ... the translations i have are ee-moo-NAH lo-chem-met
    אֱמוּנָה לוחמת

    Question 1. Is this order correct ?
    Question 2. Do you think its more appropriate to use gibbore? if yes, how is it written in Hebrew (is there a female translation for this too?)

    Pls help... thanks :)

  5. i really want to get female warrior as a tattoo on my wrist would i get what you provided above and can it be written going downwards


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