Washed Sin; Permanent Tattoo

When getting a Hebrew tattoo, why bother with grammar? Just take some verbs and nouns, ink them on. What can possibly go wrong?

Well, this might:

The tattoo says "Loved, Washed Sin", in Hebrew. I think it's Catholic code for "Slept around, went to confession, now forgiven!"

It's a shame he put nikkud (vowels) on some of the words, fixing them to a single meaning, otherwise it could also be read as "Love! Wash! Sin!" or "Loved, Washed, Sinned".

I suppose he wanted something along the lines of "Love Washes Away Sin", but it doesn't sound quite right to me in English, not to mention Hebrew, so I won't translate it for now.

If you believe you know what he meant, or have a nice sounding expression about love, sin and the act of washing, do tell!


  1. Actually, it can also be read as a command to "Lowe, wash, sanitize", which is how I read it...

  2. But it's in the past form, so it is:
    Loved, Washed, Sanitized


  3. no no no, you got it all wrong.
    these are instructions on how to deal with wounds like a man.
    first, don't cry like a girl - love your wounds.
    but then you'd better wash them.
    and lastly - disinfect them!

    the guy in the picture just wants us all to know that he loved, washed and then disinfected.

  4. Yep, disinfecting your love wounds is always wise.

  5. it also can be read as a mispelled "share"..


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