Trinity, Redefined

Some people really like to reinvent and personalize their religion.

Take this mighty rebel for example. He doesn't have much use for Jesus, so he removed him from the trinity, replacing him with something far more useful.

His Hebrew tattoo reads "Father, Spirit, Pillow". Since I'm writing this at 3:00 AM, I'm seriously considering to convert.

How did Mr Rebel mess up like that? He managed to get both letters of Son wrong, turning "Ben" into "Kar". Yes, really.

Here's a diagram:


  1. That was the just about funniest post I've even seen. I nearly pee'd myself when I read "I'm seriously considering to convert"...
    This whole site just made my day! And I really really needed that today.
    Thank You :-)

  2. Good one!
    I should only mention that the father (אב = av) turned into "ab" by a "dagesh" in the letter Bet (בּ).

  3. Huh, you're right of course. I didn't even notice that!

  4. The third word isn't "pillow". I mean, come on!
    it's "spoon".
    it's a christianity-matrix mash-up.


  5. I'm willing to give the poor soul the benefit of the doubt by assuming he intended to use the Aramaic word for son, BAR בר

    In the name of the Father, the Pillow and the Holy Gost, AMEN.

  6. It looks a bit like
    אב, רוח, כו'
    Father, Spirit, Etc.

  7. Wow. this is definitely one of the funnier ones.

    I especially like Noa's "spoon" comment, the second letter there does look like ף a bit.

  8. I'm not on my home computer, so no hebrew input here, but from how I look at it, it looks like it says "av, Ruach, Boy" just he forgot to translate son into ben, and made it just say boi, but in hebrew letters ( bet-vav-yod)

    it's still funny anyway you read it though XD


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