The Daddygirl Has No Need For Grammar

Today we have a Hebrew tattoo of something unusual, the Daddygirl. I guess Daddygirls happen when men who have children undergo sex transformation?

Well, here's one of these rare creatures, boasting her trans-gendered fatherly pride, ink on flesh:

In reality, this victim was going for an innocent "Daddy's Little Girl" tattoo in Hebrew, but somehow lost the word "little", the proper grammar of a sentence, and the spaces too.

In fact, all that remains are the words "Girl" and "Daddy" mashed together, and so the Daddygirl is born!

Want a proper "Daddy's Little Girl" Hebrew translation for your tattoo? This is how it's supposed to be written:


  1. i'm gonna have a tattoo with my son's name translated in hebrew... paid for it but i'm getting confused while reading some of your entries... definitely dont want to end in here as a victim ;)... Can you help me? Can you help translate Jakob Nathan into Hebrew? thanks!

  2. @jet - It can be done two ways, depending on whether you want it to sound like it does in English, or use the equivalent Hebrew name.

    Jacob Nathan: ג'ייקוב נתן
    Yaakov Nathan: יעקב נתן

  3. thanks for the help... really appreciate it... will go with the Hebrew name :)

  4. Why would one want to ink their own name on them is beyond me...maybe a Memento scenario?

  5. I must say that the funny mistake is overshadowed by your extremely creepy and tasteless joke about transgendered people and - depending on how you take it - paedophilia. One stupid mistake doesn't leave space for an extremely xenophobic comment edging into hatespeech.
    If you could please edit the post, that'd be great. Your blog's funny when it's not slapping strangers in the face.

    1. Duuuuude! Take a chill pill. Seriously - תרגע...

    2. It's by no stretch xenophobic. Just because someone doesn't agree with another's lifestyle doesn't make them have a phobia. It's such a gross misnomer.


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