Hebrew Inked Celebs: Doda Elektroda

Today's tattoo was sent to us by Dariusz from Poland, who spotted this prime example of bad Hebrew tattoo on the Polish pop singer Doda Elektroda.

As you can see, Doda and her husband Radek got matching Hebrew tattoos. Radek's tattoo correctly says "Dorota", which is Doda's real name. The tattoo on Doda's arm, however, was supposed to say "I love Radek". Instead, it says "To love a Radek". Grammar fail!

As often happens, tattoos last longer than love, and this couple was soon divorced. Doda regretted her Hebrew folly but didn't learn a lesson regarding foreign tattoos. She promptly covered the Hebrew tattoo with another one, this time in Sanskrit.

I wonder if her Sanskrit tattoo is correct?


  1. LOL.. i just like the sound of doda electroda :D

  2. I'm familiar w/the writing system, and I cannot make sense of it. It looks like a mix of actual sanskrit and devanagari and gibberish. But I'm far from fluent, so I could be wrong. I'll grant her that escape.

  3. Ironically, "Doda Elektroda" sounds great in Hebrew.

  4. I don't know when they got the tattos but the guy used to live in Israel he was a goalkeeper for a football club from Ashdod. I remember he had the tatto back then.
    According to her Wikipedia page he proposed to her in Jerusalem

  5. Nope, the Sanskrit doesn't really work either. First of all, aesthetically, the spacing between letters is very odd, with too much gap between 'vi' and 'naa' and kind of a pile-up at the end. I assume that's a result of covering up the Hebrew, though, and if she was just getting a Sanskrit tattoo it might have been more normal-looking.

    As far as content, I think she's going for 'avinaashitaa' (a rather obscure feminized participle that could mean 'affianced' or 'avowed, spoken for'). Instead of 'shi,' though, she has something that looks suspiciously more like 'jhi' or possibly a really malformed 'kshi.' Neither 'avinaajhitaa' nor 'avinaakshitaa' is a word, I'm sorry to say.

  6. Okay, it could pass for 'Avinaashitha ", even though the spacing is disproportionate and the 'sh' alphabet isn't done accurately.


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