Puzzle Girl Gets Random Tattoo

For some, getting a plain old Hebrew tattoo is not enough, they just have to be creative. Check out Puzzle Girl here, can you tell what she was going for?

This genius of creativeness got 3 random words, but she couldn't write them right-to-left like normal people, oh no. She wrote them from top to bottom and didn't bother to space the words apart. It looks like one of those how-many-words-can-you-find puzzles, who cares for a game?

Curious about her original Hebrew words?

Mashal - either Story or He Reigned
Tsedek - Justice
Racham - Either Egyptian Vulture or a bastardized form of Mercy

Did I say random?


  1. at least no epic typo's this time, i think its ok... in a way

  2. The "Racham" one is not a bastardized version, it is proper in old Hebrew. As for "Story/He reigned", that depends on the niqqud, and it's too inelligible to tell for sure.

  3. The last word can also read "womb". Lol


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