Tombstone Girl and her List of Dead Relatives

What better way to remember your dearly departed than a Hebrew tattoo with relevant names and dates all over your back? Everyone around you now has to remember them too!

Tombstone girl here obviously thought it was a bright idea, but she didn't invest too much time to obtain the correct lettering. As a result her tattoo (the Hebrew part) reads:

Lila daughter of Raniel son of Abrahab (Daniel son of Abraham)
25 of Sayar (25 of Sivan - a Hebrew date)
Porsha Lerach (Korach)

Morbid much? If you're going to be a walking memorial, at least spell it right...


  1. you know.. I always liked this site cos of the tattoo pictures. & I usually read what you had to say even though you have kind of a self-important tone & a really unfunny sense of humor. but I never wanted to say anything till this post. Yeah, she should have spell checked. It was very stupid not to. but whoever this is lost someone who clearly meant a lot to them. personally, if this was my blog, I wouldn't even post this & let whoever this is live in ignorant bliss. but that's just me. I can understand posting it.. I can't understand mocking them the way you do. not when it comes to losing someone they love. grow up.

    1. Her dead mispelt relatives would be the first to mock her, if they could.

  2. This tatoo is just sad
    the hebrew is bad
    it is funny as hell
    but shit happans - oh well
    what is just worse
    is maya of cours
    she think she's an angle
    but she is just self-righteous of cours

  3. the good thing - it can be easily fixed.
    at the first line, the 'resh'(r) can become 'dalet'(d) by adding a simple line. same for 'bet'(b) to 'mem sofit'(m).
    the second line - i dont know if its supposed to be sivan, it looks more like eiyar.. anyways can be fixed.
    third line fixable too.. so if she sees this post, i think it will only benefit her because she can easily make the tattoo right

  4. Since the dates are most likely intended to correspond, Sivan is the better guess, since Iyar never falls during July.

    Word verification: Aphar - dust

  5. Don't mock her - she even asked the Internet! Who could be wrong on the Internet?

  6. stupid douchey article by inconsiderate author should think twice before mocking the way someone mourns their loved ones since im sure they wouldn't want anyone mocking them regarding their own mourning process.

  7. Sorry, it is tacky to write a memorial tattoo and then mistranslate it into a non-native language. This person is not Jewish (or one would expect the translation to be correct), so why attempt to write in Hebrew to begin with?
    The tattoo itself is just as tacky as people who write "In memory of ..." on the back of their cars. They purchased the car in memory of their loved one? Perhaps with an inheritance? Every time I see one of these, I cringe. Just because someone is "mourning," doesn't mean they are not doing it in a tacky way.
    If you do something in ignorance, it does not negate the crime you did or the punishment for it. If you mistranslate something into ANY foreign language that is nonsensical, offensive, or funny, you are fair game for being made fun of by native speakers of that language. Why did you write in their language to begin with if not to attract their attention in some way shape or form? What if the tables were turned and a person wrote an RIP in perfect Hebrew (or Arabic or Chinese) and then wrote nonsensical English next to it? You can't tell me that Americans wouldn't poke fun at it regardless of the original intent.


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