Forever Is Here, And It Brought Friends

Check out this fine ink job. The victim was going for a dubious old lady message in Hebrew "In My Heart Forever Young"...

Well, she got more than she bargained for. Way more. And I mean that literally - there are simply too many words there!

More to the point, this Hebrew tattoo actually reads:

Heart of mine in
Always: Forever, Eternally, Evermore

Of course, this misses the mark completely, and is the result of careless automatic translation - with no concern for any extra synonyms that might (and did) occur. Grammatically incorrect too. Still, for some reason I like it. The banal phrase unintentionally got turned into a poem of sorts.

I'd suggest the following for the Hebrew rendition of "In My Heart Forever Young":

It literally means "Always young in my heart" and should only be used for a female!


  1. The more I read your blog, the more sure I become about never getting a tattoo in a language I don't speak well myself...

  2. Weird, I read it as:

    The heart is young; that's hard to miss
    (My tochess slightly less-so)
    You'll grow a beard just reading this
    I'd recommend espresso

  3. Hi,
    Can someone help me spell Jacob Isaiah correctly in Hebrew?!! Thanks

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while because I was worried about getting a tattoo that didn't make sense. Is there a way to make sure that when I do get it that it's spelled correctly so that there is no double meaning or some other stupid screw up?


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