Unidentified Hebrew Tattoo

Today I have a challenge for you Hebrew savvy people, an unidentified Hebrew tattoo:

Seriously, what was this guy going for?

If you apply some liberal spacing, this disaster of a Hebrew tattoo could come to read something along the lines of "Mined the god". On the other hand, there's a big English tattoo just below the Hebrew one, reading "Israel", so maybe that's what he meant...

In any case - As is, that Hebrew tattoo doesn't mean anything, it's pure gibberish. I would like to know what it was supposed to be, though. Ideas?


  1. I think it's supposed to be BLESSED ARE YOU GOD, reproduced phonetically and wrong, so that ברוך becomes כרח, then אתה becomes את, and finally the shem kadosh is אל, with a weird shrunken lamed.

  2. ^ a likely possibility. Of course I read it backwards: "No tea; the soft kind"
    In the end, as usual, all this guy can claim is that he's got, like, hebrew letters scribbled on his anonymous back. And that, plus 10 shekels will get him a cup of strong coffee on Sheinken.

  3. I'm with Jen, though- it does have a million mistakes in it. Also, if you go by the book of Jobe, "Blessing" god actually mean cursing god, which sort of sucks...

    My guess is that by strange chain of bad translations someone thought that Bless thee god is a translation for Israel (which isn't really) and then it just went down hill from there.

  4. I straight away thought it was "Created by G-d" - "Bara et el(ohim)

  5. Maybe it's an English word in phonetic transliteration?
    C=כ, R=ר, E=ה, A=א, T=ת, L=ל?
    So it's "CREATAL" which probably means nothing.
    Maybe it should have been "CREATOR".

  6. @ Jen & Aya: Nicely spotted! If that's really the case, what a total train wreck.

    @Yoni: You do come up with the wackiest stuff! No soft tea indeed.

    @Nicole: Heheh, that could be it. Though "Bara et el(ohim)" means "created God" not "Created by God". Maybe this guy has a grandeur complex or something?

  7. מגניב, אני כ"כ שמח שמצאתי את הבלוג הזה שמוכיח לי שוב עד כמה איינשטיין צדק כשאמר: "רק שני דברים הם אינסופיים: היקום והטמטום האנושי, ואני עדיין לא בטוח בקשר לראשון."

    Cool, I'm so happy I found this blog that proves to me once more that Einstein was right when he said: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    Hope my English translation is without mistakes, but since I'm not gonna tatto it on my ass I don't really give a damn.

  8. I actually think he meant to call his god, but "קרא" turned to "כרה".

  9. I thought "Mined by God" had a certain poetry in it, as if he had been dug out by god :-), thought I doubt it was intended.
    Could be amusingly retranslated into English by "Mind by God"...

  10. my guess: he meant to: "know god"


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