Weaklings Get Tattoos Too

Some people know their weaknesses and are not afraid to show them. Or, you know, tattoo them in a big bold Hebrew font on their arm...

Don't know what other weaknesses this victim has, but bad knowledge of the Hebrew language is certainly one of them.

His tattoo has three totally random words in Hebrew. The first word, "Hulsha", means weakness. The second word, "Mkubal", means accepted or popular. The third word - that one is just an incorrectly formed nonsense word that has no meaning.

How can this even happen? I would have blamed some automatic translation service, except I don't know how to explain that last gibberish word. Very strange indeed.


  1. I really would like to know what was his original intention

  2. I would think he was probably going fpor something like "The meek will inherit the earth" and got a really atrocious translation from somewhere- hey, at least the first two words he got could fit in with this scenario!

  3. Definitely kululush. I want one as well...

  4. Okay you guys, what is Kululush exactly?

  5. Oh, goodness, how to explain...
    Well, first of all, 'kululush' is (mainly) Jerusalemian kids' slang. Some other places have other words for it (the only one I remember is 'shasha', but I know there are more).
    As for the meaning of the word, well, it's a kind of action, where you have a lot of something, and you throw it up in the air - this can be done with property (like the various cards that kids collect), in which case it is an act of giving up your possesion of said objects to whomever can grab them - or sometimes it can be done just as a sort of confetti, with pieces of grass or something, in which case the goal is usually to get it in people's hair. As you throw up whatever it is you shout 'kululush', as a sort of 'here it comes!'.
    I hope that can give some kind of explanation, but it really is terribly regional. I would love to know if other parts of the world have anything similar.

  6. That's a really though one.
    Among other things, it's the name of a band (when spelled "Coolooloosh"), a slang term for "combination" and something children used to yell a decade or so ago for no particular reason.

  7. I tried to put the last word on google translate and it returned: "Achlls". So maybe he meant Achilles!
    Achilles had a weakness in his heel.

  8. Kululush sounds like the Israeli equivalent of "Up for grabs!"


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