Shabbat Special: Hope, Dad, Double Mom

For today's Shabbat Special, I bring you more good Hebrew tattoos!

Look at the Hebrew tattoo below, sent in by Reut. A very pretty and cheery design, integrating the Hebrew word "Tikva" - Which in English means Hope.

Picture belongs to the hebrew-tattoo facebook group

And look at this, a Hamsa tattoo sent in by Dafna. The hand looks quite realistic, and very impressive! The Hebrew word on the three middle fingers says "Aba", which means Dad.

And we'll wrap it up with something a little different. A guy who REALLY loves his mother, and is not shy about it.

This ended up in Shabbat Special, because well, the Hebrew is completely correct. It says "I love my mother" once on each leg!

Two questions arise: You love your Mom, but does Mom love this tattoo? Also, doesn't Dad deserve a leg too?


  1. Typo, you've gotten us so accustomed to poking gentle fun at the 'misguided' that it's tough to swith gears here. Speaking as a flesh-and-blood human, I can't avoid thinking about my first reaction upon seeing the tattoos on a person. 'Tikvah' is indeed pretty, although absent any gender clue I'm unsure what I'd be hoping for. The Hamsa is, in my humble world, maybe a bit over-anatomically-correct, and seems to be the voice of her Dad asking "You have a steady job, son?" And as the Oedipus, bless his incestuous soul, discretion rules out my suggesting where exactly he should inscribe an equal love for his Dad. In his shoes, I'd probably wear long pants, even in a sharav. Shavua tov, and as usual, thanks for the high point of my week so far, dear.

  2. Shouldn't the last one be Ani ohev et HA ima sheli?

  3. @Anonymous - The tattooed guy has it right. Adding a HA would turn it into "I love the my mother".

  4. Can anyone tell me the correct way to write "God give me strength" in Hebrew?


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