The Marked Sisters

Today's bad Hebrew tattoos feature a special bond - sisterhood. These two ladies decided to let everyone know that yes, they are in fact sisters.

Is there a better way to say "Sisters" than to spell it out on your skin in a foreign language?

The answer is yes, there probably is. There simply must be a better way to celebrate your sibling bonds than by marking your skin with misspelled Hebrew tattoos.

Those two tattoos don't say "Sisters" (in Hebrew: Achaiot), not even close. They can, however, be read as either "She was late" (Echra) or "Backwards" (Achora).

This is how you write "Sister" in Hebrew. You can see that it's somewhat similar to the tattoos above (except two letters don't match).

And this is how you write "Sisters", plural, in Hebrew. That looks very little like what the victims got inked.


  1. I think they were aming for sisterhood, which could (sort of) be phrased as brotherhood, which comes out as אחוה (or more commonly אחווה, but I think they rendered it אחוה and mistatted the ו).

  2. I'm with Shunra. This was no doubt meant to be Achva, and what we actually have here is yet another case of Vav-Resh confusion.

  3. And in my role here as the sitting stand-up comedian, I assume the audience is waiting for me to point out that "het resh heh" *does* have a street-translation which is unfortunately 'excremental'. I instinctively read these tattoos as a solemn sisterly vow never to suffer from, G-d forbid, constipation. Wish I had a cheap fix to suggest, but sometimes even Johnny strikes out. (Speaking generally, I recommend 'MOM' as the safest tattoo: works backward, forwards, and even upside-down as 'WOW'.)

  4. Let's see:

    1. Adding a hyphen and the word "אחזיק" would give "אחרה-אחזיק", "I shall join/follow", which would suit their strong sisterly bond.

    2. Adding double quotes and a Tsadi would give אחרה"צ - "afternoon". Silly? Maybe, or maybe they consider themselves "dusk-sisters".

  5. Maybe from a term in the Kabbalah.
    Sitra Ahra - סיתרא אחרא
    and אחרא = אחרה

  6. It means "second body"

  7. Shunra right it mean "אחווה" or "אחוה"

  8. and torah says no tattoos tho! lol lol lol


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