So You Think You're Wise?

Self confidence is very important. If you think highly of yourself, you need to let everyone know! Like today's victim. He went for a Hebrew tattoo that was supposed to say "Wisdom":

Unfortunately, and quite ironically, this "Wisdom" tattoo is misspelled. In Hebrew wisdom is "Chokhma", but this guy spelled it as "Tokhma" instead. I'd say this is a rather stupid mistake.

This is what went wrong:

The letters Tav and Het look a bit similar, but they're not the same, and definitely not interchangeable! Maybe our wise guy is simply in need of a new pair of reading glasses?

And to wrap things up, this is how you correctly write "Wisdom" in Hebrew:


  1. Maybe Wise Willie should have gone with plain old 'WISDOM'. As he grew older (and larger) it would read "W IS DOM". But seriously, as a native speaker(?) I see 'Tochmah' as a new form of wisdom, coming from deep within ('me'toch') one's soul. He just needs to explain that to the less enlightened. Or change the taf to a het, whichever's cheaper.

  2. I like it, that could actually work! He just needs to convince the Academy of the Hebrew Language to accept Tochma as a new Hebrew word...

  3. What about changing the MEM to NUN, Then he would have a "SOFTWARE" tattoo.


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