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Friday, January 22, 2010

So You Think You're Wise?

Self confidence is very important. If you think highly of yourself, you need to let everyone know! Like today's victim. He went for a Hebrew tattoo that was supposed to say "Wisdom":

Unfortunately, and quite ironically, this "Wisdom" tattoo is misspelled. In Hebrew wisdom is "Chokhma", but this guy spelled it as "Tokhma" instead. I'd say this is a rather stupid mistake.

This is what went wrong:

The letters Tav and Het look a bit similar, but they're not the same, and definitely not interchangeable! Maybe our wise guy is simply in need of a new pair of reading glasses?

And to wrap things up, this is how you correctly write "Wisdom" in Hebrew:


  1. Maybe Wise Willie should have gone with plain old 'WISDOM'. As he grew older (and larger) it would read "W IS DOM". But seriously, as a native speaker(?) I see 'Tochmah' as a new form of wisdom, coming from deep within ('me'toch') one's soul. He just needs to explain that to the less enlightened. Or change the taf to a het, whichever's cheaper.

  2. I like it, that could actually work! He just needs to convince the Academy of the Hebrew Language to accept Tochma as a new Hebrew word...

  3. What about changing the MEM to NUN, Then he would have a "SOFTWARE" tattoo.


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