Bi-Directional Fail

Today's Hebrew tattoo is just a little bit strange.

This girl either wanted to make double-sure that her tattoo is readable or just to confuse the heck out of whoever tries to read it. Whatever the explanation might be, the words are rotated in different directions: To read the first word, you need to tilt your head to the left, but to read the other two, tilt your head right.

She went to all this trouble, and still, every single word in this tattoo is written backwards!

The words by themselves are simple enough, this victim of the Hebrew language went for "Life Love Trust".

Of course, she might have meant something else entirely. Something along the lines of "Live, Love, Believe" for example, but that's just my unconfirmed guesswork.

Yes. This is how "Life Love Trust" is meant to be written in correct, right to left, Hebrew:

I'll repeat once again for the sake of the uninitiated: Hebrew language is written right-to-left. Forgetting this simple fact might bring you a skinfull of grief.


  1. I believe this word-salad is simply a test version, since it's written on what...turkey breast from the super? Meant to be cut up and reassembled by the cook, and served with coos-coos and a mirror. B'te'a'von!

  2. It might appear to be turkey breast, but in fact this tattoo is located behind her ear. Which really could explain everything, particularly if the tat was self-inflicted.

    Luckily for the victim, no one will ever have to see this tattoo. Not even the victim herself.

  3. I'd humbly suggest to the dear one:
    1) Remember that LIVE is 'EVIL', spelled backwards
    2) LOVE is often a bit tougher to find when one has drivel scribbled on her ear, Ewww..
    3) And TRUST only Typo, (and then maybe your Mom, in that order.)
    Shabbat Shalom; this site never ceases to make my day:)

  4. Just noticed that the last 'nun' is upside-down, even related to the last word.
    Maybe it's not supposed to be life. Maybe it's supposed to be "siach" (little horse)

  5. It makes you wonder exactly HOW people make mistakes in orientating a Hebrew phrase like this, i.e. what is the mechanism for getting it wrong. It is easy to understand a whole Hebrew phrase being in the wrong order, but not some words being rotated one way, and other words another. How can that happen?


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