It's a Word... It's a Number... It's Superfail!

As far as today's victim is concerned, this tattoo is a "treaty number":

Now, I have no idea what a treaty number is, but I can spot a weird Hebrew tattoo, and this one is their crowned king.

Sure, you can represent numbers by letters in Hebrew, but not like this! Those are just random Hebrew letters, complete gibberish.

There's a simple way to spot a bogus tattoo even if you don't know much Hebrew. Just compare it to the Hebrew alphabet. If you find any Sofit (final form) letters in the middle of a word, then it's a bad tattoo. Letters can only appear in their final form at the end of a word, never elsewhere!

Did you think there might be a Sofit in this so called word? There are four.


  1. Greetings from Israel.
    Love your Blog, It's hilarious, keep it up!


  2. And again, the old 'wrong-direction bugaboo: left-to right: "Thorn-tree hawk: {CODE-nun}" Yes, the famous cypher which didn't get to Trumpeldor in time. By the time he related the episode in his memoirs, he was writing left-handed. This girl done her homework well. 'Cindi'?

  3. This is an amazing post. It just shows how little care or effort people take, so get a Hebrew Tattoo that will almost certainly be with them for the rest of their natural lives, and how they get a Hebrew Tattoo in a language they clearly cannot read let alone understand.

  4. I don't understand what this is supposed to be.

  5. It's okay, no one understands this one...

  6. It is interesting that it is a jumble of letters selected from the alphabetical series נ, ס, ע, פ, צ. Also, medial and final letters appear next to one another, - נן . . . נן . . .צץ. I think this was taken directly from an alphabet chart.

  7. I can't help but wonder if this is an attempt at rendering Canadian aboriginal syllabic in Hebrew lettering. The "treaty number", may be a number assigned during one of the numbered treaties.

  8. Actually, it looks like:
    "Tree (Etz) Tsn (not a real word) Hawk (Netz) Fisherman (Sapan) Nun (the letter)" - backwards.


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