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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facing The Facts

Many people choose to show their devotion to God by the means of a Hebrew tattoo, some just take it a bit too far...

This guy thinks his Hebrew tattoo means "Unity of God", which it doesn't. Not in any direct way at least.

But never fear! There are plenty of things this word DOES mean. Just pick your fave...

Yep, that's Alf, my childhood hero. The die-hard Alf fans would kill to get this Hebrew tattoo on their faces!

Or maybe an Elf? Santa's little helper. After all, the winter holidays are just around the corner...

It could also be Alef, the alphabet letter (why would anyone want that?) or Elef - which means thousand, to show exactly how one picture can be worth a thousand words!


  1. Love your titles and humor. I'd have called this one "What's it all about, (Alfie)?" from the (once?) popular song. But just possibly he went to a weird school where the class name ('kita aleph') is tattooed, just to keep track of the little munchkins. Like we say 'Gehe vays.' Update: he's from Florida, and damned proud of it, is all..

  2. could also mean "Aleph" as an order to tame something

  3. I seared your site and I couldn't find any traslation you had done for the word sanctification. I want to get this done but done right, so could you please translate it for me?

  4. @Candice: That would be Kidush: קידוש

  5. Better post "kidush" as an image, just in case the browser displays it backwards ;-)

  6. Or better yet, be in email contact, especially if your design has more than just that one word.. Typo will do his stellar best to make sure you don't end up on these pages, ha.

  7. The letter א should be spelled as אל"ף.

  8. This might be אַלֻף , as Aluf (=champion)...

  9. א is also the marker for infinity in math

  10. As you say yourself, 'aleph' does not mean 'unity of God' in a direct sense. However, in Jewish mysticism, 'aleph' refers to the 'one-ness' of God's realm, as opposed to the 'two-ness' that characterizes our physical world (good vs. bad; male vs. female, etc.). So in a mystical sense, 'aleph' could very well be said to stand for 'unity of God'. Just the letter aleph would have been sufficient to convey that meaning, though.


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