Fall of the Chosen Princess

Today our special guest is a member of the royalty. You might remember Prince Charming who was featured here a month ago. Well, he's in good company:

This girl allegedly thought she had "Chosen Princess" tattooed in Hebrew. Instead, her tattoo says "Queen has Chosen".

I believe this tattoo might be some sort of dominatrix code, identifying the wearer as a Queen of the dungeons. Of course, she'd fib to the uninitiated and claim it's some harmless spiritual "Princess" tattoo, but we know better!

Now, this is how you correctly write "Chosen Princess" in Hebrew:


  1. Have an idea. Why don't we try to set up a Shidduch (marriage match) between these tattooed Prince Charming & Princess Charming victims?

  2. First time at your blogspot. Haven't had a laugh like this in many moons! Keep up the good work - hopefully, this blogspot will discourage Jews from wanting tattoos since it is forbidden for a Jew to have a tattoo according to the Bible - Old Testament (Leviticus 19:28) "Thou shalt not place a tattoo on yourselves".

  3. Oh yeah. A match made in Bad Tattoo hell :)

  4. I believe a correction is needed here.

    Chosen princess cannot be translated directly to Nesicha Nivcheret.
    A more appropriate translation should be ANI + Nesicha Nivcheret, or HANesicha HANivcheret.

    As an Israeli, I wouldn't understand you initial suggestion.

    BTY, I got some good laughs here (-:, TODA

    1. הנסיכה הנבחרת could be? what do you think??

  5. And if you overlook the NIKUD, this one is hilarious.
    is says "QUEEN IN SHIT"

  6. Wouldn't you want בחורה not נבחררת? The first emphasizes her passive state of being chosen, while the second emphasizes the fact that she was passively chosen by someone else. The second (נבחרת) almost has a silent invisible על ידי there.

    Hilarious blog, thanks!

  7. she should probably change it to המלכה בחרה it's an easy "repair" to make and that way it'll at least have some meaning (the queen has chosen)...

  8. I am speak Hebrew and made aliyah but I got a tattoo that says CHOSEN in English. I chose chosen not for any other reason but because I am adopted and was chosen! :-)

    I am thinking of doing it in Hebrew on my other shoulder as well.

  9. How would you write CHOSEN in Hebrew


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