No Respect for the Royalty

Some people have really high opinions of themselves. Like this guy, he wanted to get a Hebrew tattoo in which he titles himself a "Prince". It didn't quite work out that way, though.

Prince's tattooist obviously has no respect for royalty, he just randomly placed around some Hebrew letters and even made up some of his own. The front part looks a lot like "Nad" which in Hebrew means "Fart". Total fail.

Prince here looks like a tough guy to me. My advice to him would be to pay a little visit to whomever graced him with that tattoo, and kick some ass.

For today's Hebrew lesson we''ll learn to write "Prince" (Nasikh) correctly in Hebrew:


  1. Tiny pronunciation correction: נאד is pronounced "nohd" or "node" rather than "nad". It still means fart, though. It also means "liquid-carrying skin" (sort of like a camel pack).

  2. But you ignored the writhing above which sais "sar". The meaning of the word is governor or minister or commander, close in meaning to prince. And unlike the modern hebrew word for prince (nasich), it's a biblical word. The writing below looks lie random letters, not necessarily in Hebrew.

  3. Oh my. You are correct of course, though I'd translate the biblical meaning of "sar" to something like "ruler" or "warlord", while the modern meaning is "minister" (in the government).

    Would you believe I completely missed it? Looked to me like random spikes of blue.

  4. The letter you marked as: 'no such letter' is actually a shin in Rashi style- an added effect to that totally messed up gibrish.


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