Which T is More Tempting?

Hebrew is not a straightforward language, it has its little quirks that have the potential to totally mess up your spelling. For example, lets observe the curious case of the letter T:

Yes, the diagram does not lie. There are two of them, Tet and Tav, pronounced exactly the same, yet they are not interchangeable.

Unfortunately, our latest victim was never informed of that fact...

The tattoo above is supposed to read "Pituy" which is Hebrew for "Temptation". See that Tet in the middle, prettily decorated? Too bad the word should be written properly with a Tav.

Well, any Hebrew reader who sees this will definitely be tempted to laugh...

Now, this is how you write temptation correctly:

Remember kids, before getting your Hebrew tattoo make sure that your spelling is correct! That is actually pretty easy to do for a one-word tattoo. Just plug your word into any online translator. If it isn't recognized, don't ink it.

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  1. פיטוי could actually mean "Pete-ation" if you're really imaginative


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