The Backward Faith

Today's feature is the classic mistake. The amateur Hebrew linguist might get their wording right, but forget that Hebrew is a language written left to right... This might be the result:

The tattoo says "Faith" in Hebrew, or at least attempts to. It is in fact written backwards.

So, is a backwards faith still faith, or would it mean the opposite of faith on the spiritual level? You know, like Satanists who use inverted crosses as their symbol?

Want Hebrew "Faith" of your own? How about a T-Shirt?


  1. I know this post is from a long time ago, but I wanted to let you know about the typo in the first paragraph. =) "Right to left"

    I love your blog by the way. I have a good Christian Jewish friend who lives in Israel and she laughs at people (not to their face, of course) who have misspelled Hebrew tattoos.

    It's quite sad that so many people do not to the proper amount of research before getting permanently inked! Especially when in another language.

  2. There is a silver lining here, though.

    If they put a nun sofit on this, it *could* be "Hanuman", a hindu deity with a monkey avatar. So if they ever convert to hinduism, they have an out.

    One tries to remain optimistic.


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