The Utterance of Gibberish

Bad tattoos are dozen for a dime, but a truly pathetic wreck is a bit harder to find. Behold exhibit A:

According to the owner, it's supposed to say "I am the utterance of my name".

Of course, it says nothing of the sort. In fact it says nothing of any sort. Just a random and totally meaningless bunch of Hebrew letters.


  1. umm.... it looks like "hamivta", meaning "The Accent" to me. i guess it's supposed to be "Hamevate" - that i would translate as "The utterer"

  2. Wow, you solved this mystery! I never for a moment suspected that this was a BET up there.

  3. At first glance, it looked like a misspelling of "המחטא" - "the disinfector", or "the one that causes others to sin"

  4. Truth be told - he almost got it right. The utterance of my own name - however stupid this statement mighty be - can be translated to Hamevate. המבטא.
    In which case - he only got the second from the right letter wrong, and not by far. This tattoo can be fixed by adding a few centimeters to the bottom right corner of the wrong letter, turning it from K to V.

  5. Yea, hamivta is close, and is an actual word, doesn't make it any less stupid though, so far from meaning anything deep or meaningful at all.


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